Udon’s Complete Handbook to the Mega Man Universe

When I was 12 years old, I used to study the Complete Hanbook to the Marvel Universe like how other kids studied the Bible or Penthouse Forums. Every night, I’d memorize the answers to such questions as “What criminal organization did Nick Fury’s brother Scorpio once manage?” and “What percentage of the cosmic cube went into giving Molecule Man his powers, and what percentage went into creating the Beyonder?”

At that age, the only thing that could have torn me away from my Marvel tomes would have been something like the Mega Man: Robot Master’s Field Guide. The book is set to include entries for each robot master from Mega Man 1-10, Mega Man and Bass, the Gameboy Mega Man games, and supporting characters like Proto Man and Roll. The book is coming out in March of next year.

It may be about 25 years too late, but I’m still going to study the crap out of this book. How about you? You up for studying some Mega Man mythology?

Mega Man: Robot Masters Field Guide [Udon]

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