Udon working on their ‘biggest Mega Man project yet’

Udon Entertainment will be making an announcement this Wednesday regarding an all new “Mega Man project”. Until then, they’ll be posting a new teaser image every day. They’ve posted three so far, as seen above.

It’s hard to guess what this project will be. Udon is proficient in the creation of comics, art books, videogame graphics, and animation, so that really opens up the possibilities. The only thing I’m sure Udon wont be doing is a straight Mega Man comic. Archie already has that bag sown up.

My guess is that the project will be Mega Man Legends 3 related. That sure looks like Volnutt in the teaser image to the left. Maybe Udon joined the Mega Man Legends 3 dev room? If so, what’s X doing over there on the right, and who’s sword is that in the middle?

Let the wild rumpus (of speculation) start!

MEGA announcement coming on Wednesday [Udon]


Jonathan Holmes
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