Udon wants your scribblings: Street Fighter art book contest announced

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Street Fighter series; in celebration of this momentous occasion Udon Entertainment, the people behind a bevy of Street Fighter comics, Darkstalkers comics, and the design for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, is releasing a tribute art book. The book will feature unique artistic interpretations of Street Fighter characters by Udon artists as well as freelance illustrators and videogame artists that have been invited by Udon to share their vision of what a Street Fighter character should look like. Also, you.

That’s right, Udon realizes that Street Fighter wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today were it not for the rampant, nauseating lust that fanboys (and girls) have for the game.  As such, Udon has sounded the call for art submissions from the public. Get your artwork into Udon before the March 30th deadline (and avoid violating the contest rules) and you can be a part of Street Fighter history.  The art book itself will be released at this years San Diego Comic Con; take a moment to imagine being announced the winner of this contest at SDCC, let tears well in your eyes at the imagined sound of echoing cheers, and commence to scribbling.

[Via Drawn

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