Ubisofts wins $13 million over the Bratz doll

Well now, this is interesting. Ubisoft was just awarded $13.2 million dollars over a copyright and trademark infringement against MGA Entertainment who own the Bratz doll line. Back in 2002, Ubisoft made a deal with MGA to publish games based on the Bratz line. After this deal was made though, Bratz started to blow up, which made MGA think they could score more money and wanted renegotiate the contract. So they tried to weasel their way out of the contract by bringing up false accusations and when that didn’t work, they sued Ubisoft. Ubisoft of course counter-sued and nearly five years later, they’ve won the lawsuit against MGA.
Wow. $13 million over this shitty marketing gimmick to trick little girls into thinking this is how girls should act and look like? MGA got what they had coming to them. They got greedy and it blew up in their face. Arg! I hate this generation’s toys. I miss my G.I. Joes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
[Thanks, Aerox!] 
Hamza Aziz