Ubisoft’s sending a ‘lucky’ contest winner to spend the night in a cave

Cave Story

Good things don’t happen in caves. A best-case scenario has some bats buzzing through your hair. A worst-case scenario? Ummm, bears or dragons or satanic cults. OR, satanic bears riding dragons. Yeah, fuck that.

Ubisoft wants to send two people to a cave to promote Far Cry Primal. There, they will either die or not die (that’s just a fact). At least the contest-organizer is offering a little bit of assistance to swing the pendulum toward the “not die” side.

Here’s how it all works: Shoot a tweet over to the Twitter handle @FarCryGame with the hashtag #CaveBnB to enter. The tweet should explain your motivation for wanting to sleep in a cave (normal people have none). If you win, Ubisoft will fly you and a companion to France for a few hours of survival training, followed by the night in a cave.

The contest is only open to residents of The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Other important rules can be found here. But, the most important rule of all is that if you hear bears chanting, just run far away from that cave.

“Night in a Cave” Competition Rules [Ubisoft]

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