Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel shuts down the ‘Switch exclusive’ Beyond Good and Evil 2 rumor

He also says to ignore the PC, PS4, Xbox One listings

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Ubisoft still isn’t telling us everything about Beyond Good & Evil 2. Based on the Space Monkey Program site (which is all sorts of borked), it’s expected to come to PC, PS4, and Xbox One — but famed Ubisoft developed Michel Ancel says to not take that at face value because the entire site is messed up (he calls it “a little buggy”).

Even so, he did take to Instagram to clarify that no, despite the rumors, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not a Switch exclusive. So while we don’t know much right now (even the final platform listings), we do know that! Outside of the off-putting, edgy amount of cursing in the trailer (don’t at me, I’m okay with it, it just seems like it’s trying too hard) I’m in.

Michel Ancel [Instagram]

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