Ubisoft’s first promotional video for new Prince of Persia is a dirty tease

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When the Gametrailers folks emailed us with this new video of Ubisoft’s next-gen Prince of Persia title, I was all like “Oh my God! No way!” They were like “Yeah, totally.” And then I said, “That’s going to be soooo sweet!” And then they nodded knowingly before walking off into the sunset.

So imagine my disappointment when I find that this first official promotional trailer for the forthcoming Prince of Persia title contains absolutely no gameplay whatsoever. In fact, it doesn’t even contain images of the game itself. Instead, it’s time-lapse footage of one of Ubisoft Montreal’s artists drawing the newly designed Prince, all set to some heart-pounding Middle Eastern music.

OK, so it’s not much, but God damn if I’m not excited about the new Prince of Persia game. Mission accomplished, Ubisoft.

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