Ubisoft’s doing its usual thing for E3

Monday, 1pm, just how it should be

This E3 already feels like the weirdest E3 in recent memory. Sony is doing its own thing, EA decided it doesn’t need a press conference — the show is changing in a way that doesn’t necessarily benefit the ESA.

There’s some normalcy though, and there’s a new example today. Ubisoft confirmed it’s hosting its press conference at the same time it always does. Monday, June 10, 1pm Pacific. That’s Ubisoft’s slot.

What’s on the docket? Probably no Assassin’s Creed. But that leaves a prime opportunity for currently-unannounced games to shine during the press conference and during the fall season. Who knows what Ubisoft has planned. However, the French publisher plans to release three or four triple-A games over the next 12 months. We might see some of those debut at E3. And if we all cross our fingers really really hard, one of them might be a new 2D Rayman game.

Brett Makedonski
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