Ubisoft sort of fixes The Division’s Incursion issues

New patch changes how you have to take down the final boss

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Ubisoft has dropped a patch which tackles the cheesy completion of The Division’s Incursion mode, Falcon Lost.

But rather than address the glitchy issues themselves, the patch has revised how you fight the final boss, and now requires you to complete the battle with C4 explosives. This means you can no longer take him out by shooting through the wall, as you need to get up close and personal to lay the explosives. 

The changelog also notes if you attempt to go into the spawn closet, you’ll be killed.

This doesn’t fix the issues themselves per se — nor does it address the players who have exploited the glitches and earned gazillions of rewards already. Ubisoft did recently sathat it’s going to start handing out three-day bans for PC cheaters or permanent bans for persistent offenders, though. So there’s that.

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