Ubisoft says I Am Alive due in Q1 of 2009, we’re not buying it

Hey, you know that game I Am Alive that Ubisoft teased at E3 2008? The one that we’ve seen no hands-on previews for? The one that Ubisoft hasn’t said much about, not even sending us as much as a single batch of screenshots?

Well, Ubisoft says it’s coming out soon. Like, Spring of 2009 soon. The game is being listed by the publisher as a Q1 release, which means it could arrive as early as April of this year. Ubisoft confirmed this to CVG saying the game is “on course” for its Q1 release. 

Outside of snippets of the game’s plot, which involves a post-disaster Chicago, saying we know “jack” and “s**t” about I Am Alive is an understatement. While Assassin’s Creed may have fallen victim to “overhype,” maybe doing the exact opposite with I Am Alive is not the best idea. 

So Q1? I’m not buying it anymore than I bought that Splinter Cell: Conviction was coming out in 2007. Or 2008. But who doesn’t like surprises? So Ubisoft, go ahead and surprise us.

[Via Ali D’s Cblog]

Nick Chester