Ubisoft reveals Avatar: The Game Limited Edition

Ubisoft has revealed that its game based on the movie James Cameron’s Avatar is getting its very own limited edition this holiday.

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will come with a 6-inch action figure of Jake Sully, the game’s lead, complete with detachable backback and rifle. A toy, not a real rifle. The Wii-inclined will get a 4-inch figure of the Na’vi Warrior Tsu’Tey. The Wii gets shafted again… by two inches.

Both toys are designed by Mattel, and I’m no toy expert like the folks at Tomopop but, uh… they don’t look that great. I also have no frame of reference as to what either of these toys are, really, as I haven’t seen Avatar because it hasn’t hit theaters yet. I mean, what the hell is a Na’vi Warrior, and am I supposed to be excited about it?

We saw the game (in 3D!) at PAX earlier this month, and it looked like a decent game — somewhere between Gears of War and Devil May Cry. Hey, that does sound kind of awesome now that I just wrote it. I’m just not so sure about these action figures.  

Nick Chester