Ubisoft recaps For Honor’s history so far, teases new character

More at E3

Much to Ubisoft’s credit, they’ve been going full hog with several of its multiplayer games.

Rainbow Six Siege (2015), Division (2016) and For Honor (2017) have been getting a ton of updates both of the paid and free variety, and each team has taken in the input of fans to help shape the evolution of their projects. Ubisoft Montreal went out of their way this week to showcase all of the updates For Honor has gotten in particular to date, as well as teasing an upcoming E3 announcement that will detail the future of the game and…a potential new fighter?

If you aren’t familiar with For Honor the power fantasy theme pits various warriors of history against each other, and what seems to be coming next is an eastern combatant who wields a scimitar. Given the middle eastern skew it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft is adding a new faction (especially since they’re using E3 as a showcase for this), or it could simply be an addition to an existing one.

We’ll have info, as they say, “soon.”

Chris Carter
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