Ubisoft hit For Honor is coming to next-gen consoles with a free upgrade and a full progression import

‘Current-gen game owners’ player profiles, including all purchases and inventory, are automatically shared with their next-gen counterparts’

For Honor was released all the way back in 2017, but Ubisoft Montreal has been steadily supporting it since then, to the point where it’s outlasted many other similar online games.

It’s kind of Ubisoft’s thing lately, a service they’ve also extended to long-running titles like Rainbow Six Siege. So it was kind of inevitable for them to announce that For Honor would come to the next-generation, and the transition is going to be fairly smooth.

Ubisoft announced the news on Twitch, noting that the Xbox Series S version of the game is targeting 1080p resolution, with PS5 and Xbox Series X hitting 4K. “Current-gen game owners on PS4 and Xbox One” will be able to play For Honor for free, with the option to transfer over “all of your purchases and inventory automatically.” 60FPS gameplay is being targeted “for all next-gen consoles in early December.”

These updates will be playable “at each respective console launch,” so November 10 for Xbox Series S/X and November 12 for PS5. The unavailability of 60FPS gameplay right away isn’t great, but it’s probably a casualty of the current global climate. A month isn’t that long to wait, especially if you’re upgrading for free.

For Honor [Twitch]

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