Ubisoft files suit against Rainbow Six Siege hacker for selling ‘thousands’ of cheats

Breach, bang and clear

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Ubisoft has filed suit against website Mizusoft, who it claims had sold “hundreds of thousands” of dollars worth of cheats to players of tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

The Mizusoft site, owned by “J.V.L” (a pseudonym to protect the minor’s identity) is now unsurprisingly offline but, according to a report on Polygon, previously offered a “Budget Edition Rainbow Six Siege Cheat” service for $77 per month. The package featured hacks that boosted weapon damage, increased F.O.V, and displayed enemy positions. Ubisoft claims that Mizusoft “bragged to the media that his Cheating Software ruins R6S for other players.”

In recompense for the “massive and irreparable harm” caused to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is looking for the dissolution of the company, along with $25,000 per violation. Ten other defendants are named in the lawsuit, but by their Discord handles only, as it is believed Ubisoft has only obtained the identity of Mizusoft’s primary owner J.V.L.

In the past year, Ubisoft has taken a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters and griefers in Siege, banning thousands of users with regularity, and constantly tweaking the game’s BattlEye service to watch for shifty behaviour patterns and repeatedly reported players. Given that the game recently announced of milestone 50 million registered players, that’s a mammoth community to police.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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