Ubisoft dev tells the story of quitting with a game

Usually most jobs end one of two ways: either you get asked to leave, or you leave of your own accord. There was also that time where I had to evacuate because of a hurricane and my actual workplace got blown off the face of the earth, but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, ex-Ubisoft dev William David decided he wanted to tell his story of why he left Ubisoft in a different way, so he made a flash game (which you can play right here).

Called “Leaving”, the simple sidescrolling game shows the main character leaving a theatre with “Ubisoft” written above the marquee. As Frank Sinata sings in the background, you encounter many people on your journey, each with something different to tell you. I won’t ruin any more of the journey for you, but it seemed an elegant way to communicate his reasons. He’s now moving on to work on indie games. Best of luck to you, William — I liked your story.

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