Ubisoft confirms 2013 release for Watch Dogs

Ready to get hacking?

In a call with investors today, CEO Yves Guillermot confirmed that Ubisoft will release Watch Dogs in 2013, including it in a list of the publisher’s upcoming AAA titles. This is the second time we’ve heard that the game will release next year, albeit this serves as a far more legitimate assertion than the earlier tweeted-then-deleted comment from Ubisoft.

With the game only having been in development since 2010 and the ambition suggested by what we have been shown, a 2013 release window almost seems like it might be too good to be true. I’ll take Guillermot at his word, but I hope the game delivers on all its promise when it gets here next year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Guillemot: Watch Dogs dialed in for 2013 [Joystiq]

Conrad Zimmerman