Ubisoft Announces Rocky Balboa for the PSP

Man, I sure do love reporting on video games based on films!

Despite the fact that it’s been on Gamestop/EB Games release lists since the dawn of man, Ubisoft has finally announced today that they will release a Rocky Balboa title for the PSP. Not much is known about the game play, but screen shots found over at the German website GameFront indicate that you’ll have the opportunity to pummel, at the very least, Mr. T and Dolph Lundgren. What more could you ask for, really (other than a game that is at least half as good as EA’s Fight Night)?

The game will hit stores on January 17th, a few weeks after the latest Rocky movie of the same name hits theaters. The film stars Sylvester Stallone (once again) as a middle-aged Rocky Balboa who comes out of retirement because he has to make a few bucks to pay his cable bill (On Demand adult entertainment is not free, you know). Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia plays Rocky’s son (the brilliantly named Rocky, Jr.) and actor Burt Young crawls out of a crypt to reprise his role as Rocky’s manager, Paulie.

Philadelphia tourism is about to peak, baby.

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