Two-year-old for sale over Xbox Live. One previous owner.

There’s been a bit of controversy in Florida after nasty pranksters spammed Xbox Live and offered a two-year-old girl for sale. The worst part of the prank? The girl was real, and the unwitting mother’s genuine phone number was posted along with the ad.

Christa Manos of Punta Gorda had to spend her Saturday night fielding angry phone calls from idiots who believed this was a real advert and decided to voice their disgusted opinions at a woman they believed to be selling a kid. At first she put it down to a crank call, but as the phone continued to wring, berating her for being a bad mother, she suspected foul play. 

“By the 18th or 19th call, I knew something wasn’t right,” proclaimed Manos. 

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, but Manos says she has a good idea of who is responsible. The pranksters better hope they made a brand new Gamertag and used somebody else’s Xbox to send these messages.

You know, a whole bunch of Dtoid staff members are in Miami right now, celebrating our third anniversary by getting drunk and doing crazy things. Not that I’m accusing Niero of being responsible for this, but it would make sense.

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