Two strikes and yer out: Ubisoft to start permanently banning Division cheaters

PC only because it’s not a problem on consoles

The Division on PC is about to become a significantly more scrupulous place. Those who can’t keep themselves from breaking the rules are about to be ushered out. And the rest of the players can help make it happen.

Ubisoft developers Massive Entertainment recently held a stream where some of the finer points of the April 12 patch were discussed. It was there that this new policy came to light. According to community developer Yannick Banchereau, the first offense will be a three-day suspension without warning, and the second offense will be a permanent ban from The Division.

“We are not going to pretend that we are 100 percent happy with the situation. It is something we’re working on, and we should have some better solutions coming in the future. We are looking at improving it. We are catching a lot of people, so it’s not as if there was nothing being done, but of course we can always improve on that,” Banchereau commented.

Players will soon have a more effective method of reporting cheaters, too. One of the additions in the April 12 update on PC is a “/report [username]” command that automatically flags someone’s account for review. Massive says that it’ll look into each of those reports.

With these strict regulations and some help from the player base, The Division should be in a better state very soon. The message is clear, cheaters: Shape up or get out.

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