Two Point Hospital coming in 2018 from the minds behind Theme Hospital

Try not to kill too many patients

Growing up the diseased child I was, I spent many weeks every year at Seattle Children’s Hospital, usually over the holiday break, having doctors rip my skin off so they could replace it with skin from other parts of my body, aka skin grafts. From head to toe, I am a complete mess and the painful and frustrating experience has made me absolutely hate hospitals. I hate the look of them, the smell, the sound, everything.

And yet, I can’t get enough of medically themed entertainment. From television to film to the wonderful Trauma Center series — may it rest in peace — I just love fake hospital settings. That love stretches all the way back to a rainy afternoon at my best friend’s house when, after playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert for several hours, I got my chance to try Theme Hospital. I was far too young at the time to wrap my head around the mechanics of the game, but now I’m certainly old enough to get it and will once again try to build the perfect place to let patients die from lupus this year with Two Point Hospital.

From Two Point Studios, a developer founded in 2016 by two former Bullfrog employees who worked on Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital will task players with building the perfect hospital and successfully treating the patients that show up looking for help. Much like its spiritual predecessor, Two Point will feature a host of strange and funny diseases like lightheadedness as well as your run-of-the-mill hospital maintenance issues like ghosts and mummies. 

Two Point Hospital is scheduled to launch this Fall and will be published by Sega. You can pre-register now for a Hospital Pass that will grant players an exclusive in-game item when it launches, as well as exclusive promotions and early access to trailers.

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