Two Point Campus took on one million students in launch fortnight

two point campus one million players

School’s In Forever

Two Point Studios has proudly revealed that its recently released college management title Two Point Campus has welcomed over one million players to its hallowed halls of education in just the first two weeks of release. The developer’s follow-up to the acclaimed Two Point Hospital launched on PC and consoles back on August 9.

Two Point Campus was such a thrill to create so we’re ecstatic to see so many people enjoying the game as much as they do!” said Two Point’s co-director Mark Webley. “We had high hopes that we had created something that fans would love, but the response has exceeded all expectations! We’d like to send a massive thank you to all of the players out there who are showing support by building their wild and wonderful campuses – we can’t wait to see what more you’ll create.”

The cartoonish but extremely deep release tasks players with running a center of education for a huge student body — from designing the layout and aesthetic of the building to managing the school’s budget, keeping courses staffed and affordable, and providing a wide variety of facilities, resources, and site-based activities for both the students and faculty. As is the case with many management games, Two Point Campus presents a lighthearted visual design and a very healthy sense of humor.

“We had big shoes to fill following the success of Two Point Hospital, so it feels particularly sweet to hit one million players even faster than before,” adds co-director Gary Carr. “And this is just the beginning, just as we did with [Two Point Hospital], we’ll be continuously supporting Campus with lots of quality of life updates and other features, plus we have lots of exciting new ideas and plans for the future of Two Point Campus, which we can’t wait to share with all of the players out there soon!”

Two Point Campus is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. You can check out our own Zoey Handley’s review right here.

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