Two of Obsidian’s quality RPGs are free on Epic next week

Cave Story+ this week

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There are three very good Epic freebies on the horizon. One you can grab this week, the other two you can grab next week.

Let’s start with the here and now. This week’s free game on the Epic Games Store is Cave Story+. It’s quite possibly the most influential and quintessential indie game ever. You owe it to yourself to play Cave Story, as it’s a piece of gaming history.

Next week’s freebies are going to eat up a lot of your time. Epic has lined up two of Obsidian’s recent CRPGs to give away at the same time. Kickstarter mega-success Pillars of Eternity and 2016’s Tyranny are free starting on December 10. 

If free games are your thing — and they probably are by virtue of the fact that you’re even reading this article — you might want to keep your eye on December 10. That’s when The Game Awards airs, and it’s always ripe for promos and free stuff. But even if it isn’t, Obsidian’s got about 100 hours worth of RPG lined up for you.

Cave Story+ [Epic Games Store]

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