Two new social links for Persona 3 PSP revealed

I admit, I was in the middle of a replay when Persona 3 PSP was announced, and I stopped cold in my tracks when I heard the news. No reason to keep going when I can replay the entire game on a portable system … and with a new heroine! It was recently revealed that there are two brand new characters you will be able to social link with if you play the female protagonist (shown above):

Rio Iwasaki
Chief of the P.E. department who is very serious about club activities. In fact, she is so serious that trouble tends to occurr around her. Rio belongs to the volleyball and tennis clubs.

Saori Hasegawa
Having been studying overseas, she is two years older than the Heroine. She seems to be troubled with no one around her year being able to understand her. Saori belongs to the library and health committees.

Apparently, you can also sort of date the hot guy in the Velvet Room (Theodore! He has a name!) by taking him out to see the town, just like you did with Elizabeth if you accepted those quests. I can’t wait. So many new possible characters to cosplay…. hmmm…

[Via XCompRandomness]

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