Two more physical Switch games are $10 more than their competition

People are calling it the ‘Nintendo Tax’

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Developers have already apologized for what’s being called the “Nintendo Tax,” but the road to equal pricepoints hasn’t been paved quite yet.

Based on Amazon listings from THQ Nordic, both Sine Mora EX and Battle Chasers: Nightwar are going to be $10 more than other platforms if you go for the physical disc cart. They’re currently being sold for $40 on Switch as opposed to $30 elsewhere.

It’s a heck of a tradeoff for those of you who love physical media, and an issue I hope is fixed soon by normalized manufacturing costs. Some publishers have even tried to circumventing it by packing in paper extras to sort of bill it as a “special edition,” but that isn’t going to be viable for every studio.

Battle Chasers [Amazon via Nintendo Life]

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