Two custom steampunk modded videogame systems

Steampunk is all the rage these days and a couple of people have shown off their custom steampunk mods this past week on the Internets.

First up is this DS Lite case mod by Dtoider steampunk10.  He dropped his DS Lite and decided to salvage the thing by putting it into a Cuban Cigar box. The D-pad and buttons have also been replaced making this a pretty slick DS Lite. Check out steampunk10’s Community Blog for more pictures.

This next steampunk mod was created from scratch and is pretty epic. The MAME arcade cabinet is huge and has a little horror theme to it too. It took around 60 hours for the thing to be made and puts most other arcade MAME mods to shame. Check out SteamPunkWorkshop for more pictures of the arcade cabinet. (via Geekologie)

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