Twlight Syndrome brings J-horror to the DS

Did you ever see the trailer for the Hollywood version of One Missed Call? I wouldn’t say that the English language version of Chakushin Ari was any better than any other Japanese horror imports, but at least the trailer had that freaky face with mouths for eyes. The image still f*cks me up!

A new DS game called Twilight Syndrome: Kinjiraneta Toshi Densetsu seems to have a similar premise, minus the freaky mouth eyes. Siliconera says that the story centers around two high school girls who get stuck solving the mystery behind chain text messages and missing students. You’ll take to touch screen detective work, doing your best to uncover supernatural forces. Puzzles and ghosts and cell phones, oh my!

Spike has recruited horror filmmaker Osamu Fukutani to bring the scare to this June 24th Japanese release. No US date has been set. There’s only a couple of horror games for the Nintendo DS, so let’s hope someone decides to bring over this urban legendy goodness. 

[Images via Dengenki

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