Twitter Friday: Bustin’ makes me feel…aw, nevermind

Update: Congratulations to Bug42 and NVmisfit, you’re our Twitter quickest reply winners! So that’s it for this week. Next Friday we’re going to try something different — we’re going to give something away FIRST on Twitter without warning and then post the winners. What will it be?  It’s a secret to most!

Not into the whole Twitter thing?  We hear ya.  Check out our other non-tweeting contests like the opportunity to compete for $80,000 worth of computer equipment on Friday.Night.Fights.  Thanks and good luck!

Yeah, the whole “Bustin makes me feel good” thing has kind of been worn to the bone since Ghostbusters: The Video game came out, but luckily, me giving away free stuff is not old news yet. I have a feeling it might stay trendy, in fact!

This week I have a whole bunch of random Ghostbusters swag to give away, including two t-shirts, sanitizing slime, inflatable slimers, squeezable Stay Pufts and more. To win a random swag pack, simply follow us on the Dtoid Twitter and wait for us to say it’s time to win a prize. When we do, reply with a direct message and say “I like spores, molds and fungus” to win one of these two goodie bags for yourself. From there, we take your address and mail you free stuff. Deal?

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