Twitch trying out commercial-free viewing, PS4 sponsored

Starts today at 9 a.m.

Do you hate commercials? I like ’em, but that probably has something to do with growing up in Japan. But I like American commercials, too. Especially ones with dogs or dubstep. Do not DVR past them in my home!

Internet commercials? Not so great. You normally can’t get away from them with streaming video, but Twitch is trying out something new they’re calling Commercial-Free on Twitch. The first outing of this program will be sponsored by Sony’s PS4.

This is an automatic thing, mind you. Twitch will give all North American viewers commercial-free viewing across every channel from this single sponsorship. The 12-hour window starting today, October 15, from 9 a.m., will be totally free of ads. Well, after a short blurb from Sony, of course. 

This is a one-time thing right now, but wouldn’t it be nice if this could happen on the regular?

Dale North