Twitch Prime’s new May offerings include more Destiny 2 DLC and an Avicii game

Also, Snake Pass

Twitch Prime is back in May with more free stuff for subscribers, and although the game list isn’t killer at first glance, there’s a few gems in there, lying in wait.

First, the list (which will be available from May 1-30): Avicii Invector, Fractured Minds, Pankapu, Urban Trial Playground, The Little Acre and Snake Pass. That list probably isn’t the AAA-laden collection you were hoping for, but upon further inspection, nearly all of those games are highly rated on Steam.

Avicii Invector is probably the bell of the ball here: a rhythm-action game that was made in collaboration with the late DJ (RIP). Snake Pass, for as flawed as it is, is a great free puzzle game. Fractured Minds is also worth a look with its unique puzzle-based approach to mental health. See! I told you this month had variance.

Naturally, “loot” (read: DLC) is also a part of Twitch Prime’s monthly festivities, which includes the headliner of more Destiny 2 loot: the fourth of six total drops in Twitch’s big partnership with Bungie. Fallout 76 is also getting a few extras, as is the customary League of Legends DLC (which is joined by Riot’s Legends of Runeterra).

You can find the full list below.

Twitch Prime [Twitch]

Free Games with Prime (Available May 1-30):

  • Avicii Invector

  • Fractured Minds

  • Pankapu

  • Urban Trial Playground

  • The Little Acre

  • Snake Pass

In-Game Loot:

  • Destiny 2 – Drop 4 of 6 

  • Fallout 76  – Drop 3 of 3

  • League of Legends – Drop 2 of 3; Drop 3 of 3 

  • Legends of Runeterra Drop 2 of 5

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Ring of Elysium – Drop 4 of 4

  • RuneScape – Drop 1 of 4

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Drop 1 of 7 

  • Words with Friends 2 – Drop 1 of 6

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