Twisted Pixel namechecks Gunstar Heroes when talking Comic Jumper

We don’t know too much about Twisted Pixel’s upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Comic Jumper, which was revealed during Penny Arcade Expo. In fact, Twisted Pixel isn’t saying too much beyond what’s revealed in the hilarious and promising trailer.

I hunted down CEO Mike Wilford at PAX to try to get him to tell me more, and couldn’t get too much out of him. From what he says, the game will follow the adventures of a comic book hero and his anti-hero “sidekick” through levels based on various comic book art-styles. As the art-style changes, so will the look of the game’s characters, and quite possibly how the game plays.

Why the silence? Unlike previous projects like The Maw and ‘Splosion Man which were announced a few months before release, Comic Jumper is going to have a longer development cycle; Wilford tells me they’re about a year out from completing the game. 

In an effort to drag more info out of Wilford, I suggested that the developer’s previous effort ‘Splosion Man was influenced by N+. When Wilford agreed, I asked him — what game influenced Comic Jumper? After some hesitation, Wilford admitted it could be a few titles, but would only tell me one: Gunstar Heroes

Things we like: Gunstar Heroes and Twisted Pixel’s games. Things we’re looking forward to: Hearing more about Comic Jumper.

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