Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth figurine looks radical

Collectible toy manufacturer DC Direct has a lot of videogame properties under its belt, waiting to be released — from Resistance 2, to Heavenly Sword, and even to Dragon Age: Origins. But its their Twisted Metal “Sweet Tooth” figurine that has caught our eye, and in part, that’s thanks to series creator David Jaffee who brings us several images of Sweet Tooth from New York Toy Fair 2010 where its being displayed. (It’s still due out in July.)

Like Jaffe, I’m digging Sweet Tooth’s look and definitely wouldn’t mind staring at his ugly ass grill every morning as I grace my office. Getting others to adore it, though, is another matter entirely.

If you want more images of the stuff coming out of the NY Toy Fair, give our sister site Tomopop a read. They’re at the event and scouring the main floor.


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