Twin-stick shooter Garters & Ghouls hits App Store

Namco Games announced this morning that Garters & Ghouls had hit Apple’s App Store, so I immediately ran to my iPod Touch to download it. I mean, it promised to feature two of my favorite things, those things being both garters and ghouls. 

The game starts with a debutante, Marie, being brought back from the dead by Megaman’s Dr. Wily to slaughter some zombies. (Note: Dr. Wily does not actually appear in the game, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same actor who plays him.) Gameplay is a relatively simple “twin stick” shooter, with two touch analogs used to move Marie, and to shoot waves of zombies and monsters with various weapons like a crossbow or shotgun.

Garters & Ghouls doesn’t look bad running on the iPhone, with its campy comic book feel that translates pretty well to the touch screen. I’m personally not a huge fan of the “phantom analog stick” thing that a lot of iPhone devs force into games, but they’re serviceable for Garters & Ghouls. My biggest complaint would be the speed in which Marie walks… for someone being attacked by hordes of monsters, she moves like she’s wearing cement shoes.

The game features 25 levels, along with a full set of in-game achievements, if that’s you’re sort of thing. Like most games on the App Store, it’s only $4.99, and that price seems about right. Perhaps you might want to make it your next “on the toilet” impulse buy. I did. 

Nick Chester