Twin Mirror has a neat browser-based promo puzzle game, and you could win a gaming PC by playing it

Lost on Arrival

Things are about to get weird. Dontnod’s Twin Mirror launches in two weeks (it’s somehow nearly December already), and that means there’s a murder mystery to solve. First, we’ll have to figure out how to unlock this dang cell phone. Baby steps.

Dontnod’s running an ARG-type thing to promote Twin Mirror. Called “Lost on Arrival,” it’s a browser-based puzzle game where you have to return a phone to its rightful owner. Sifting through all the apps should give you a decent foundation of information about Twin Mirror‘s world. Sifting through my preview will do that too.

It’s a neat little thing, an experience that took me five-or-so minutes to solve. There’s incentive to play it beyond simple background details. Everyone who completes Lost on Arrival will be entered into a drawing to win a Twin Mirror PC made by Gigabyte. There are also 20 copies of the game being given away as second-place prizes. There were no stock photos or specs of this custom PC, but I guess this is kind of what it looks like:

Worst-case scenario is you get a little more geared up for Twin Mirror. Best-case scenario is you walk away with an ostentatious and thematically-fitting gaming PC. Either way, unlocking this phone will serve as a mental warmup for all the mind-bending that’s about to occur on December 1.

Lost on Arrival [Twin Mirror]

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