Twilight Midna, Postman Link, and Ilia Zelda star in the new Hyrule Warriors DLC

Video proof that Hyrule Warriors is the sexiest Zelda game

The new Hyrule Warriors DLC is looks like a lot better of a deal than the previously released Master’s Quest pack, which our own Chris Carter had relatively high praise for. Seeing Midna in her more human-like form is a pretty big deal to an old Twilight Princess fans like myself. It may be enough to get me to throw down for the full $20 DLC season pass, which includes this DLC pack, the Master’s Quest pack, and the upcoming Majora’s Mask set (which promises two new characters) and the Boss Pack (which sounds a little lackluster, but whatever) . 

That said, if we don’t get Tingle in the Majora’s Mask pack, I may demand a refund and/or for Iwata to resign for incompetence and gross neglect of the GameFAQs official Tingle Fan Club

Jonathan Holmes
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