Turtle Rock isn’t making more Back 4 Blood content as it moves on to next game

Approaching the safe room in Back 4 Blood

The studio is moving on to the next big thing

Turtle Rock Studios is looking ahead towards its next project. And because of that, it’ll be leaving Back 4 Blood as it is, right now.

In a short update, Turtle Rock Studios confirms it’s not working on any more Back 4 Blood content. Mostly, it’s because the studio is working on its next game.

“Turtle Rock Studios is actually pretty small for a studio making AAA games. We don’t have quite enough folks to continue working on Back 4 Blood content while we spin up another game – yes, another game! Given this, it’s time for us to put our heads down, get back in the lab, and get to work on the next big thing.”

This doesn’t mean the game is shutting down, though. Back 4 Blood will stay online, and available on both Xbox Game Pass and the PlayStation Plus extra tiers. The developers also say they will continue hanging around in places the community congregates, like the subreddit and Discord, to keep interacting. The team may be “quieter in the short term,” but promises to be back.

Don’t look Back in anger

Back 4 Blood hit back in October 2021, as a continuation of Turtle Rock’s legacy of co-op zombie FPS development. As the name suggests, it follows in the footsteps of Turtle Rock’s work on Left 4 Dead. And though it didn’t mark the same historic highs, I did enjoy my time with the new deckbuilding ideas and characters that Turtle Rock created for Back 4 Blood.

The Turtle Rock crew rolled out a pretty decent amount of expansions for Back 4 Blood, and now it gets to move on to something new. At the very least, it’s a neat and clean conclusion, and it’s staying online. Considering how many online game closures we’ve seen in the last week alone, that’s a good win for the Cleaners who want to keep running these levels.

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