Turning Point developer hates on Codemasters and loves on Atari

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Spark Unlimited’s John Garcia-Shelton, said that Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was simply a “run and ship experience” that was only pushed out of the doors to satisfy the “very focused financial goals” of a partner. Now, as the producer of Legendary, Garcia-Shelton is happy with the time Atari is willing to give the title.

Legendary, by contrast, has had the time to develop unique gameplay features and the fortunate chance to iterate on those features to really make them sing. We also have had a much longer post-production period that has allowed us to react to focus testing, multiple iterations on play balancing, and time to continually go back and squeeze out better lighting and texture fidelity from a high action game.

Legendary is being developed like most games should be. I would argue that Turning Point was probably a lost cause to begin with. Who cares about WWII shooters without flamethrowers? Nonetheless WWII games that have boring narratives and archaic design flaws.

[via CVG]

Brad BradNicholson