Turn your NES games 3D with this free emulator

Version 1.0 is out

A bunch of us were smitten with that super cool emulator that turns NES games into little 3D dioramas, and now it’s out of beta. The software is available through itch.io as a free download, with the option to chip in $4.99 or more for “access to the latest build as soon as it is released.” Previously, 3DNes was being sold for $30; folks who paid that price are going to be refunded the difference.

Creator Geod has a lot of footage of games like Battletoads, Mega Man 2, and Little Nemo running in 3DNes on his YouTube channel. Here’s one example of what’s possible:

The 3D effect is automatic, though results do vary depending on the individual title.

In general, some customization is needed to get everything looking more or less “right.” You can get a sense of that fine-tuning process in Geod’s multi-part tutorial. Otherwise, just dive in.

This seems like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

3DNes [itch.io via reddit]

Jordan Devore
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