Turn the Wasteland into the Wastedland with official Fallout Nuka Dark Rum

Coming soon?

Bethesda has a history of bringing drinks from the Fallout canon onto real-life retail shelves. As a promotional item for Fallout 4, Bethesda released Nuka-Cola Quantum. It was quite difficult to find, as most everywhere quickly ran out of its limited stock. Now it seems as if Bethesda is entering the adult drinks market.

In the lead-up to Fallout 76, Bethesda and Silver Screen Bottling Co. are teaming up to make Nuka Dark Rum. The drink’s website describes the 70 proof rum as “the most thirst-quenching way to unwind.” The bottom of the page notes that this is an officially licensed Fallout collectible. There’s no word as to when this will release, but there’s a sign-up field to receive email updates — possibly with the eventual opportunity to pre-order.

You’d be forgiven if Nuka Dark Rum doesn’t ring any bells the way Nuka-Cola Quantum does. It’s a relatively new addition to Fallout, as it was first introduced as Nuka-Cola Dark in the Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4. Given that Bethesda has co-signed this in the marketing push for Fallout 76, this spirit might make its second appearance in the hills of West Virginia.

The existence of this rum hasn’t exactly been kept under wraps, it just hasn’t yet been promoted by Bethesda. Both ZeniMax and Bethesda are listed as collaborators on Silver Screen Bottling’s partners page. Also, Silver Screen Bottling tweeted about this in late June and then again a week ago. But those mentions failed to gain any traction. We’ll presumably hear more about this limited edition rum in the very near future.

Introducing Nuka Dark Rum [Nuka Dark]

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