Turn the lights on before looking at this M. Bison statue

This is one of those times where you get to look, but no touching is allowed. Your eyes are currently fixated upon the face of pure terror, brought to you in part by the folks at Pop Culture Shock.

I was already borderline terrified of M. Bison thanks to some sketchy fan art that Google Image Search felt like showing me unprovoked; the devilish grin on this sculpt isn’t calming my fears. This figure is 1/4th scale and — what’s that, “get to the price?” — alright, it’s $345. Yes sir.

Pre-orders are supposed to be open as of today, but at the time of writing, I couldn’t find anything. Be on the lookout at Sideshow Collectibles for this 500-piece run to show up.

Pop Culture Shock’s M. Bison wields psycho power upon your wallet [Tomopop]

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