Turn off BT warnings the next time you play Death Stranding

You don’t need to sit through the heads-up scanner sequences

Kojima Productions is still chipping away at fan-requested updates for Death Stranding. The latest feature a BT Encounter Warning option lets players skip the slightly-too-long scene that plays whenever Sam treads into Beached Thing territory. You can now choose to see it once, and only once.

After updating Death Stranding to version 1.10, you can turn off BT warnings from the Title Screen. Just head into the Options menu and look for the new toggle in Game Settings. As with many of the other recent updates, Kojima Productions has also worked in “various performance improvements.”

It might seem like a relatively small thing if you haven’t trekked through Death Stranding, but those warning scenes really add up over time. They can hurt your sense of momentum and immersion, especially when you’re taking familiar routes through the same territories again and again to rank up.

Do I want to go for the arduous platinum trophy? Have I seen enough already? I’m still wrestling with those questions. Even if I just return to Death Stranding for the occasional hike, I’m super appreciative of this and all the other quality-of-life updates. There are a few more helpful features left to go, I’d say.

A portable music player would seal the deal.

Kojima Productions [Twitter]

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