Turn-based RPG Wrestle Story Irish whipping its way to PC eventually

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Not to be confused with WrestleQuest

Get yourself oiled up and squeeze into your spandex, Tic Toc games has revealed their turn-based RPG, Wrestle Story, via Gematsu. The only mentioned platform currently is PC, and no release window was given.

It looks great! You get to customize your look, backstory, and even your ring entrance. The combat includes a timing system à la Super Mario RPG or Paper Mario. There are tag team partners. Apparently, the plot involves saving wrestling somehow. I can think of a few existential threats to performance sports, but Tic Toc, no doubt, has a much better plot than anything I could come up with. They’ve dropped a trailer you can try to glean any narrative details from.

I love the visual presentation of the combat system. Especially the snappiness of the one wrestle-man calling for a chair and it whizzing in from out-of-ring. While there isn’t a tonne of details on offer right now, what’s being shown off is enough to grab my interest.

Wrestling seems well-suited to the turn-based genre, and Wrestle Story is not the first to try. Mega Cat Studio is working on their own with WrestleQuest, and Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy has been available since 2018. Even the WWE has teased that they might have an RPG announcement in the wings. I expect that they will all have different takes on the formula, but for now, Wrestle Story is looking like it might be pretty delectable.

Wrestle Story is slated for release on PC. No release window has been announced.

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