Tune in Tokyo: Condemned 2 achievements revealed

I’ve been going on about it for awhile to anyone who will listen, but I really can’t wait to play Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The first game, while not perfect, was definitely a highlight of the early days with my Xbox 360. Then after seeing a live demonstration of the game last year, I was sold; everything about Comdemned looks to have been tweaked and amped, including a hand-to-hand multiplayer gameplay mechanic that looks interesting. 

So these achievements … Condemned 2 has them if you’re playing them on the Xbox 360. My man Devin over at 360 Sync has the scoop, including all of the achievement icons and other details. Some reveal a bit about the gameplay that you might not have known, like the “Flambe” achievement, which is described as “Splash, shock, and fry.” Like using plasmids in BioShock, Condemned 2 also allows you to combine elements for some, uh, interesting results. 

Condemned 2: Bloodshot hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (sans achievements) on March 11.

Nick Chester