the entrance to tukarok shrine in tears of the kingdom
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Tukarok Shrine location and solution for Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Me and my ball.

Tukarok Shrine is a classic puzzle shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. That means it’s fun, challenging, and sometimes downright head-scratching. But fear not, we’ve covered everything you need to know to complete the shrine below. First, let’s take a look at how to find it.

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tukarok shrine on the map in tears of the kingdom
Screenshot by Destructoid.

How to find Tukarok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Tukarok Shrine is located in the Lanayru Wetlands region of Hyrule. The closest fast travel point for most players is Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. However, you can get a little closer if you’ve unlocked Morok Shrine to the south or Jojon Shrine to the north. Whichever fast travel point you choose, Tukarok Shrine is just a short walk. You’ll find it located between the Hylia River in the west and the Lanayru Wetlands in the east. Check the screenshot above for the exact location on the map.

the first puzzle in tukarok shrine
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How to complete Tukarok Shrine

When you enter Tukarok Shrine, you’re going to want to ignore everything you see. Unlike most shrines, the starting point in Tukarok is actually at the end of the puzzle. Instead, head straight for the ladder on the other side of the room and jump off the edge. Here, there’s a ball and a car waiting.

Technically, Tukarok isn’t a number of puzzles but rather one long one. You need to get the ball found at the bottom of the room to the start of the shrine, where it will open the exit.

To get through the first section, you need to attach the ball to the car using Ultrahand. Then, hop on and strike the car to drive it through the lava. See the screenshot above for the ideal placement of the ball.

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The next section is particularly difficult. To get the ball to the top, you need to build a device that moves up the slanted walls pictured above. It’s very tricky to get this right, but we came up with a good workaround.

First, on this side of the lava is a wheel and a stone plank. You’ll need both of these to get the ball to the top. Take the plank using Ultrahand and attach it to the bottom of the stone block, like in the picture above. Then, use Ultrahand to pick up the wheel and attach it to the bottom of the plank.

The wheel should be connected to the plank by its rod so that it can freely spin. If done correctly, the wheel will be able to spin and move over the walls, and it should be low enough not to fall back down. The whole contraption should get caught on each wall, like in the above screenshot.

the second puzzle in tukarok shrine
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When you have the two pieces in place, attach the ball to the plank or block. Activate the wheel by hitting it with a melee weapon or arrow, and then use Ultrahand to move the whole unit up the wall as high as you can.

Next, climb the ladder. From here, you should be able to grab the whole thing with Ultrahand again and move it the rest of the way. You can do that, or if you’re able to grab the ball, you can just detach it and continue forward.

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Before you get started in the next room, there’s a chest under the water in the central channel. You can use Ultrahand to grab it and bring it up to Link. It’s worth doing, as you’ll be rewarded with a Strong Zonaite Sword for the effort.

the third puzzle in tukarok shrine
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Now, back to business. This is the final room to conquer in Tukarok Shrine. All you need to do is get the ball to the other side of the water. It’s simpler than it may otherwise seem. Choose one of the wooden planks with the wheel on either side and use Ultrahand to attach the ball to it.

Then, take two of the narrow wooden planks and attach one to each wheel, like in the picture above. These will act as paddles to sail onto the other side. You need to activate the boat by hitting it, but be careful. The wooden planks are fragile, meaning that a large weapon will destroy them. Use either an arrow or a light weapon, like a small sword, to activate the boat.

opening the final door in tukarok shrine
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Once you’re on the other side, take the ball and place it on the pressure plate to open the door. Finally, place the ball in the hole switch to open the final door.

Collect your Light of Blessing, and that’s it! Tukarok Shrine is complete.

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