Tuesday Game Debate:
Wii vs PS3 Battle to the Death!

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It isn’t long at all until the epic next generation launch finally comes to a close, as the PS3 and the Wii join 360 in the future of gaming. Nintendo and Sony have been responsible for countless flamewars in the past month, if not 4 years. So this week we’re gonna grab our gonads, lay down our opinions, and have them cast in metastone once and for all: If you could have a PS3 or Wii RIGHT NOW, plus one of any of their launch games, which system and which game would you want? 

We welcome all flamewars — feel free to go to great lengths to argue against one another futilely while you wait the extra few days until the PS3 and Wii launch, but after this week’s game debate, let’s just all game in peace and STFUAJPG happily ever after.

In 6 months from now we’ll dig up this article and point and laugh at take a look at everyone’s opinions and see if they’ve changed at all. Cast your votes, give a short reasoning, get your launch friends to vote too, and check back in 7 days for the winner.

Here’s the results of last week’s game debate:

Guitar Hero II: 18 votes

Gears of War: 22 votes

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