Tsuri Master; the Wiimote finally lives up to its promise

Back when the Wii was first announced, tons of people got imaginary erections while imagining the imaginary titles that could someday take advantage of the fantastical capabilities presented by the Wiimote. Sadly, other than brief spurts in Twilight Princess and Warioware, that promise has yet to be fully realized …

Until now.

4 Color Rebellion has a snippet up about a game called Tsuri Master, in which you use the wiimote as a rod, and the nunchuk as a reel on your quest to become the world’s greatest virtual angler. Admittedly, the game has only been announced for Japan, but with a name like ‘Tsuri Master’, how can Hudson not translate it over for a country full of people who have singing bass’ nailed above their LCD televisions?

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