Trove, a blocky free-to-play MMO, is out on PS4 and Xbox One

Previously arrived on PC in 2015

Trion Worlds tested the waters in 2015 on PC, and they’re ready to bring Trove out into the console world this week. The game is now live on PS4 and Xbox One as a free-to-play MMO with 14 classes to play around with, and even though it’s heavily aimed at kids, it’s worth messing around with.

Free-to-play has had a weird history on consoles, with Microsoft refusing the practice unless you have Xbox Live Gold (something many developers have taken issue with), a hole Sony saw to capitalize on with PS+. I wonder how Nintendo will handle it on the Switch if any big names come through? They need to start thinking about partnerships with lucrative F2P mobile developers sooner than later.

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