Tron Evolution announced at the VGAs

Propaganda Games and Disney Interactive decided the world hasn’t had enough Tron games, choosing this evening’s Spike Video Game Awards show to unveil Tron Evolution — a new Tron videogame. Neat.

The teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement didn’t even help us decided a genre: is it an MMO, we asked? Is it an action RPG or an adventure title? We’re not sure, but we do know that the game has lots of blue lights and a hooded antagonist who doesn’t sell himself short.

“In an imperfect world,” a mysterious hooded man says in the introductory seconds of the trailer, “I was created as the perfect weapon. My purpose is clear. Spread. Infect. Destroy — everything in my path.”

And then he throws a yellow Frisbee, which might or might not be a weapon.

Tron Evolution is slated for release Holiday 2010.

Brad BradNicholson