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’90s-inspired Trinity Trigger heads west in April, PC port coming in May

Anime action-adventure hits the overseas market soon

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Publishers XSeed Games and Marvelous Europe have secured the license to bring high fantasy RPG Trinity Trigger to western audiences — PlayStation and Nintendo Switch editions of the 2022 release will launch in April, with a new PC port scheduled to arrive on Steam in May.

Developed by Three Rings, Trinity Trigger is a typical JRPG tale of Gods and Monsters, as well as the brave-hearted little people that set out to save their own worlds. It follows the story of the Warrior of Chaos, Cyan, who is fated to do battle with his counterpart, the Warrior of Order. Looking for an alternate route to choosing his own destiny, Cyan sets forth on a grand adventure across the continent of Trinitia, accompanied by his friends, Elise and Zantis. While the road will be long and hazardous, the heroes are protected by “Triggers” — sentient beings that can form a huge arsenal of weaponry.

Trinity Trigger, as you might have gained from the trailer, is openly attempting to capture the style, magic, and gratifying, dramatic gameplay of the RPGs of yesterday, with a modernized format that looks to recall classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Secret of Mana. The title is developed by an all-star team of RPG veterans, including Secret of Mana‘s own artist, Yuki Nobuteru, and composer, Hiroki Kikuta, as well as Xenoblade character designer Raita Kazama, and Octopath Traveler scenario writer Yura Kubota. Hopefully, this pedigree crew can deliver an adventure that will appeal to fans of all of the above.

Trinity Trigger launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on April 25, (North America), and May 16 (Europe). The PC port will also launch on May 16, and is available to wishlist right now on Steam.

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