Triforce Tribute gallery to showcase lovely Zelda goodies

From March 9 to April 21, the Land gallery in Portland, Oregon, will play host to Triforce Tribute, a massive Zelda series love fest that collects pieces from over 30 indie artists worldwide. Art won’t be limited to just paintings and doodles but will also include woodwork, music, and everything in between.

Organized by Portland-based studios Jolby and Always With Honor, Triforce Tribute is already shaping up to feature quite the varied selection of pieces. I’ve posted a few works in the gallery below, such as the incredible pair of Ganon posters above by UK-based Olly Moss. Also contributing is Corey Schmitz, the mastermind behind the Zelda Zine art book.

You can check out more pieces on the event’s page, but keep in mind that many are works-in-progress. Anybody near Portland planning on stopping by?

Tony Ponce