Tricky action game Furi adds Invincible mode

See the sights uninhibited

Furi is an adrenaline-pumping action game — but it also has a cool world, characters, and story.

In an effort to help more players make it to the end, The Game Bakers has added a new Invincible mode, available today on PC. The studio envisions this both as a way for players to experience the full story and as a method for improving skills on a particular boss or specific phase of a fight.

The team has also come up with another alternate control scheme intended to make it easier to dodge and parry while shooting or slashing. It’s directly inspired by community feedback.

I’m all for this! Difficulty can vary wildly from player to player, especially in games like this with a diverse roster of bosses. A total pushover for you might just be an unkillable thorn in my side.

If you’re thinking of giving Furi a look in light of this news, it’s currently 60 percent off.

Furi Invincible mode lets players focus on the story or practice their run [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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